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We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

Job Vacancies at Chigwell Nursury

Please ask for an application form at the tills or send CV to or send a message via our form below.

Current vacancies

Shop Staff Required

Energetic and willing person required to join our team. The job involves all work within and outside the shop, including till work and lifting compost.

Driver Required (Wednesday - Saturday)

Delivery driver required. Will also include nursery work as required. Must be able to lift heavy items and ideally have a good local knowledge.

Greenhouse Staff Required (Seasonal)

To work in our greenhouses. Energetic and willing person needed to work on a variety of jobs from the potting machine to moving plants around.

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Gift Vouchers

We are suppliers of the National Garden Gift Vouchers. Please note that we only supply and accept the National Garden Paper gift vouchers, not  the National Garden Gift Cards.

Christmas 2021 at Chigwell Nursery

Make this Christmas extra special with our inspirational displays. You will find artificial Christmas Trees, indoor and outdoor lighting, baubles and festive trimming to decorate your home and garden.

We have a great selection of wreaths and garlands, candles and giftware, decorative lit parcels and reindeer and snowmen for inside or outside.

Real Christmas trees

Our premium quality Nordman Firs will be on sale from 27th November although we are taking pre-orders now. Come along and choose your tree and we will keep it safe for you until you would like to collect it or we can deliver it on the date you choose. Our trees range in size from 4’(1.2m) to 14’(4.3m).

Our Christmas photo gallery

Here is a taster of some of our displays…….

Photinia Compacta plant

Autumn at Chigwell Nursery

Now the summer months are fading, it’s time to think of Autumn in the garden. This is the time for those fiery Autumn colours of red, orange and yellow to brighten up even the dullest day. It’s the time for planning for next year, planting bulbs for a beautiful show of colour next Spring, dividing perennials and moving plants into different places. A good tidy up of the falling leaves and treating the lawn to a good autumn feed. Maybe the patio has become slippery or looking below par, so using Patio Magic will bring it back up to scratch.

Here are a few ideas for planting now:



Now is the time to plan ahead for an amazing display of glorious colour next January through to Spring. In January, indoor hyacinths will be in full bloom, filling the room with fragrance, in shades of blue, pink and white.

February welcomes in the Crocus, often appearing in even the harshest weathers. So easy to grow, they are not fussy about soil type, and you can grow them in the rockery, under trees, in beds and containers and for naturalising in grassland. We also see the dwarf iris coming into flower. An amazing assortment of colours and forms, the dwarf iris makes a wonderful container plant as well as planting in beds and naturalising. Also this month, we see the snowdrops in their single and double forms emerging from the ground.

March brings out the “big guns”. Daffodils and Narcissi spring up everywhere, delighting us with their cheery colours of white and, of course, every shade of yellow. Tall, miniature and everything in between, there is a daffodil to fit any position. Often fragrant they are always an indication of Spring being just around the corner.

April is the main month for Tulips. We see these magnificent bulbs flowering in all their many colours, some striped or fringed, double flowered, lily shaped flowers – there is definitely a tulip for all. They are ideal planted in containers, just placed outside the front door to give that joy and colour, flowering for a long period of time.

Finally, we must mention the “must have” Alliums. A favourite at the Chelsea Flower Show and definitely a favourite with our customers, the alliums have increased in popularity to a huge extent so make sure you don’t leave it too late to buy them. We do a wide range from the tiny Allium Neapolitanum growing to just 25cm(10”) to the magnificent Allium Purple Sensation reaching 90cm(36”). From whites to pinks, lilacs to purples, the dark burgundy of Atropurpureum to the blues of Caeruleum, the wonderful alliums are a must for our gardens, in the borders or in containers. We hope this has given you inspiration for planting bulbs. As well as the bulbs mentioned, we have many more varieties such as anemone blanda, fritillaria, scilla and a lovely range of muscaris. Plant your bulbs from now until November time. We recommend planting in our peat free bulb fibre at £4.75 to give them the best start and don’t forget your bulb planters to make the job easier.

Ornamental Trees

September sees a huge delivery of ornamental trees. This year, we are very pleased that we have managed to order a fantastic selection of trees from our growers to feature in any size garden. Look out for the unusual and hard to find trees such as Parrotia Bella and Parrotia Vanessa, grown for their stunning leaf colours, Betula Long Trunk, the weeping birch with stunning white exfoliating bark. The Malus Roundabarrow Ruby, a new crab apple with deep red new growth and pretty pinky red flowers. We have many flowering cherries from the ever popular Prunus Kanzan to Prunus Tiltstone Hellfire, a stunning flowering cherry with beautiful pink and white patterns on the blossom which flowers prolifically in April. The Prunus Dream Catcher with single pink flowers in Spring, outstanding yellow foliage in autumn and attractive red-brown bark. We have a good selection of Sorbus (Mountain Ash) and Crataegus(hawthorn), the hugely popular Robinias and many more varieties.

Fruit Trees

September is also the time for our main delivery of fruit trees. We have 11 varieties of apple as well as a good selection of cherries, pears, plums, gages and damsons all ready to plant while the soil is still warm encouraging the trees to get their roots down and be ready to flourish next Spring.

Delivery of Italian Plants

The end of September also sees the final delivery of the year of our Italian plants. Among the many plants will be a good selection of Acers, Italian Cypress, and Euonymus. Look out for the half standard Holly Trees plus a good variety of Topiary in different shapes and sizes. Colourful Nandinas, Olive trees, and of course the Photinias in all their different varieties. Add to this our most popular climber, Rhyncospermum Jasminoides(evergreen Jasmine), ranging from 80cm to 2m and many other shrubs to complete our Autumn line-up.


Autumn is the perfect time for feeding your lawns. Westland “Aftercut” is a brilliant product which will feed the lawn making it stronger and greener but avoids excessive growth prior to winter. It also contains iron which will kill the moss and potassium for optimum root growth. A box will cover 100 sq m and costs only £10.99. We also have lawn rakes and leaf scoops to keep the grass clear of all the falling leaves.

We have our full range of Kent and Stowe tools now plus an assortment of wellies and garden shoes for all the muddy work that Autumn  entails.



We have a range of nandinas, wonderful evergreen shrubs with fiery red and orange foliage, scarlet berries, and small white flowers in summer.

Ideal in the garden or in containers, these easy to grow shrubs bring colour and interest 12 months a year.



An evergreen shrub with deep reddish-purple leaves and spectacular firework-like bright pink, slightly fragrant flowers. Ideally planted in the garden or in containers, loropetalums provide the deep glossy foliage which really stands out when planted next to silvers and golds. Most purple leaf plants tend to drop their leaves in the winter so the loropetalums are unusual and such a great asset to the garden with the striking dark foliage at this time of year.


Viburnum Tinus

An old favorite, this reliable evergreen shrub will grow happily in any position in the garden. It has red stems and has flowers bright pink in bud, opening to large pinky-white flowers. Reliable and easy to grow, the viburnums are a really joyful sight in the cold of winter.

Our photo gallery

Get inspired and get ready for Christmas 2020 with the Chigwell Nursery!

Patio Care

To keep your patio, drive and paths looking smart, spray or water with a watering can, Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller. Spray at the first signs of small weeds – it works by touching the leaves of weeds not the ground. It contains a residual that help keep weeds at bay for longer

Buxus problems and Solutions

Due to the problems with buxus blight and caterpillar in Essex, we have a number of alternatives to include ilex, taxus and pittosporum and our topiary of Ligustrum and Bay trees.

Bird Care

It is especially important to feed the birds in these cold months ahead where many seeds and berries can become scarce. We have a lovely selection of bird feeders and tables and a wide choice of different types of foods.

Gardens at Chigwell Nursery

When visiting the nursery you will find a selection of different gardens to inspire and help choose specific plants These gardens include:

Autumn at Chigwell Nursery​

We also have a new range of solar lighting which includes solar lanterns for the table or to hang in your trees and shrubs to give a magical effect to the nighttime garden. We also have a range of solar water features – just take out of the box, add water, and job done! Such an easy way of adding a stunning feature to the garden. Look out for new wind chimes and ornamental stakes to give sound and interest.

There are plenty of clearing-up jobs to be done in the garden this month and we have a nice selection of hand tools plus Briars gloves to help. We haven’t forgotten the children and they have their own range of gloves and tools to help with the gardening. We have new doormats to smarten up the home inside and out.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look out for our Christmas displays which will be up and running towards the end of October. We are really pleased with the fabulous range of trees, decorations and lights that we have for the coming season and look forward to sharing them with you. We will have our full range of real Christmas Trees from the end of November. Keep a lookout on the website for  details.

What's Happening now

This winter we may be entertaining outside, and to make our patios and gardens feel more cosy, we have the following ideas.

Let’s start by making the patio clean and free of the slippery surface that we tend to get in the cold damp weather by brushing in Patio Magic. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get brilliant results!

Revamp your pots with winter bedding and colourful evergreen shrubs.

Decorate with pretty lights – we have a large selection for outside.

A firepit or chimnea to keep you warm and to BBQ if desired.

We also have a new selection of outdoor mirrors to add to the atmosphere and to reflect the lights and the warm glow of the firepit and chimnea.

We also have in Stock:


Kiln dried hardwood logs

Smokeless coal

Plus fresh jumbo farm eggs, locally produced Honey and to keep our dogs and puppies in the best possible health, we now sell

Salter’s high quality dog food.

Our Christmas display 2020

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About us

We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

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