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We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

Job Vacancies at Chigwell Nursury

Please ask for an application form at the tills or send CV to or send a message via our form below.

Current vacancies

Shop Staff Required

Energetic and willing person required to join our team. The job involves all work within and outside the shop, including till work and lifting compost.

Driver Required (Wednesday - Saturday)

Delivery driver required. Will also include nursery work as required. Must be able to lift heavy items and ideally have a good local knowledge.

Greenhouse Staff Required (Seasonal)

To work in our greenhouses. Energetic and willing person needed to work on a variety of jobs from the potting machine to moving plants around.

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Gift Vouchers

We are suppliers of the National Garden Gift Vouchers. Please note that we only supply and accept the National Garden Paper gift vouchers, not  the National Garden Gift Cards.

What's Happening now

We are pleased to say that when we reopen we wish to reassure you that we take our safety responsibilities very seriously and we are doing everything we can to ensure that we remain a safe and inspirational place to visit.

Since the lockdown, 3 million new gardeners have taken up the hobby joining us in becoming aware of the benefits to our physical and mental health. 

Now is the time to look forward to the warmer weather, to make plans, prepare and stock up for another busy gardening season. We all need cheering up and we have some fabulous  plants, full of colour, to do exactly that.



We have a range of nandinas, wonderful evergreen shrubs with fiery red and orange foliage, scarlet berries, and small white flowers in summer.

Ideal in the garden or in containers, these easy to grow shrubs bring colour and interest 12 months a year.



An evergreen shrub with deep reddish-purple leaves and spectacular firework-like bright pink, slightly fragrant flowers. Ideally planted in the garden or in containers, loropetalums provide the deep glossy foliage which really stands out when planted next to silvers and golds. Most purple leaf plants tend to drop their leaves in the winter so the loropetalums are unusual and such a great asset to the garden with the striking dark foliage at this time of year.


Viburnum Tinus

An old favorite, this reliable evergreen shrub will grow happily in any position in the garden. It has red stems and has flowers bright pink in bud, opening to large pinky-white flowers. Reliable and easy to grow, the viburnums are a really joyful sight in the cold of winter.

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Get inspired and get ready for Christmas 2020 with the Chigwell Nursery!

Summer in the garden

After the miserable weather that we had in June, we still have a lovely selection of bedding plants and a large range of stunning hanging baskets all now at reduced prices. With many of us not able to go away for our holidays, we are having “staycations” so we want to make the most of our gardens in these summer months, enjoying the lighter evenings and spending time outside with our family and friends. Our Cottage Garden Plants are now at their best with a wonderful selection to bring colour, height, texture and interest to your borders and pots right through until the first frosts.

Roses are at their height of colour and interest at this time of year and we are proud to offer a wide selection of David Austin roses which only some chosen garden centres can supply this year. We also have a good selection of other roses from “Special Moments” to climbers  to bush.

Many climbing plants such as rhyncospermum and clematis are in full flower at the moment as are the shrubs plus fresh deliveries of herbs and alpine rockery plants. We have new deliveries of ferns and the ornamental grasses are starting to look magnificent.

As growers at heart, we always recommend planting new plants in fresh compost with mycorrhizal fungal to promote root growth and to aid the plants in growing healthier and stronger. We also recommend a slow release fertilizer or Growmore on new plants and in established borders to help maintain good health and to prevent disease and infection. We have a range of composts in various sizes including Peat free Organic plus ornamental barks and the very popular Strulch as recommended by the RHS. This mulch will reduce weed growth up to 95%, help retain moisture, enrich the soil and its structure, deters slugs and snails and lasts up to 2 years. We also have a good selection of specialist feeds including ones that are totally organic.

Feeding and Controlling Infestations

To keep your bedding plants at their best we  recommend feeding once a week alternating between Miracle-Gro all purpose soluble plant food, which is high in nitrogen and will keep the leaves green and healthy, and Big Tom tomato food which is high in potassium to encourage continuous flowering. Now is the time to give your roses their second feed of the year, the first being in March. This helps them cope in the warm months to come encouraging new growth and helping to keep disease at bay by producing a stronger plant and therefore less vulnerable to any disease or infestation and for the repeat flowering varieties, produces new growth for that second flush of flowers.

Patio Care

To keep your patio, drive and paths looking smart, spray or water with a watering can, Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller. Spray at the first signs of small weeds – it works by touching the leaves of weeds not the ground. It contains a residual that help keep weeds at bay for longer

Buxus problems and Solutions

Due to the problems with buxus blight and caterpillar in Essex, we have a number of alternatives to include ilex, taxus and pittosporum and our topiary of Ligustrum and Bay trees.


To care for your plants in the Summer, watering is a must. We have a selection of Hoselock sprinklers plus many accessories including timers and irrigation systems.

Bird Care

We have learnt over the years from the British Trust of Ornithology that it is important to feed the birds all year. In June, there is lots of hard work being done by the parents of young birds, and later, different seeds can become scarce. To provide water for birds in the Summer months is equally important as is it in the Winter months and we have a  lovely selection of bird feeders and tables and a wide selection of different types of food.

Gardens at Chigwell Nursery

When visiting the nursery you will find a selection of different gardens to inspire and help choose specific plants These gardens include:

Composts and feeds

big tom tomato feed

We have a new range of peat-free composts, “New Horizon” by Westland.  This revolutionary peat-free comes in an all plant compost and as a vegetable compost and as a tomato planter. It’s formulated to outperform all peat-based blends. We also have the new “Big Tom” grow bags enriched with seaweed and calcium in which you can grow 3 plants. and will provide a feed for 6 weeks. Add to this the Big Tom liquid feed, not only to encourage fruiting but to encourage flowering plants to produce more flowers.

Inside, we have a new range of solar lighting which includes solar lanterns for the table or to hang in your trees and shrubs to give a magical effect to the nighttime

garden. We also have a range of solar water features – just take out of the box, add water, and job done! Such an easy way of adding a stunning feature to the garden. Look out for new wind chimes and ornamental stakes to give sound and interest.

There are plenty of clearing-up jobs to be done in the garden this month and we have a nice selection of hand tools plus Briars gloves to help. We haven’t forgotten

the children and they have their own range of gloves and tools to help with the gardening. We have new doormats to smarten up the home inside and out, and we have a new addition to the Garden Centre – Zoon Pet Accessories, a range of pet beds and toys for our 4 legged friends, which our dogs are certainly very excited about!

salters dog food

Dog food

Not forgetting the Salters Dog Premium Food. I have been using this dog food for a great number of years after meeting the owner on a dog course at Writtle  College.

I was very impressed with the pride and care that went into producing this brand, from the high quality ingredients to the method of drying. Suitable for all sizes and ages of dogs plus those with skin allergies.

classic bird feed

Bird Care

As we all know, it is so important at this time of year to feed our birds. Most of the berries have been eaten, the ground is often hard and frozen and food is scarce.

We have a full range of bird seeds, feeds, and accessories to make sure our feathered friends receive enough nourishment in these winter months.

We look forward to welcoming you back into the Nursery and feel sure that you will find it uplifting in these difficult times.

Keep safe and healthy and Happy Gardening!

What's Happening now

This winter we may be entertaining outside, and to make our patios and gardens feel more cosy, we have the following ideas.

Let’s start by making the patio clean and free of the slippery surface that we tend to get in the cold damp weather by brushing in Patio Magic. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get brilliant results!

Revamp your pots with winter bedding and colourful evergreen shrubs.

Decorate with pretty lights – we have a large selection for outside.

A firepit or chimnea to keep you warm and to BBQ if desired.

We also have a new selection of outdoor mirrors to add to the atmosphere and to reflect the lights and the warm glow of the firepit and chimnea.

We also have in Stock:


Kiln dried hardwood logs

Smokeless coal

Plus fresh jumbo farm eggs, locally produced Honey and to keep our dogs and puppies in the best possible health, we now sell

Salter’s high quality dog food.

Our Christmas display 2020

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About us

We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

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