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We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

Job Vacancies at Chigwell Nursury

Please send your job application details to: Or come to the Nursery and pick up a Job Application Form. Or send a message via our form below.

Current vacancies

Fork Lift Driver  -  Full Time

Plant Area Assistant  - Full Time

Must be strong as some heavy lifting is required

Till Staff - Part Time - Full Time

Weekend Staff

Must be strong as some heavy lifting is involved

Greenhouse Staff - Full and Part Time

Delivery Driver - Part Time/Full Time. - Some heavy lifting is required, so must be fit

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Gift Vouchers

We are suppliers of the National Garden Gift Vouchers. Please note that we only supply and accept the National Garden Paper gift vouchers, not  the National Garden Gift Cards.

Our Christmas photo gallery

Here is a taster of some of our displays…….

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle
Narcissus Rip Van Winkle
Narcissus White Petticoat
Narcissus White Petticoat
Flowering Cherry Prunus ‘Dream Catcher’
Jasmine Nudiflorum
Jasmine Nudiflorum

Spring at Chigwell Nursery

Spring is just around the corner and we at Chigwell Nursery are really looking forward to this. Already many trees and flowers are budding up ready to burst into life, so we have in the Nursery, a lovely display of plants undercover for you to browse. We have a nice range of potted bulbs ready to plant up or to enjoy on the windowsill. We have also planted some pots and containers which make an ideal gift or just to enjoy outside the front door or on the patio. The amazing Snakes Head Fritillary are in bud and starting to show colour and we have a collection of Camassia, the superb plants with strap like leaves and many flowering spikes of star shaped blooms in April/May. Camassia Caerulea with its deep lavender blue spikes, Leichtlinii Alba with their creamy-white blooms and the azure blue of Cusickii. We have tulips, daffodils, iris and snowdrops to name but a few, all showing their green shoots popping up through the soil.

Camassia Leichtlinii
Snakes Head Fritillary


Deliveries of plants are coming thick and fast and we are stocking up with a huge range of goods to welcome you back to the Nursery. Here are a few things to look out for:

Our Summer Bulbs are now here. We have a super range of Dahlias including a large selection of the large flowered dinner plate varieties, a large selection of Lilies including the fantastic, new, highly scented Lily Lotus Elegance, voted Bulb of the Year. We have gladioli, nerines, and many other varieties including the ever-popular begonias.

Growing Tip – To get your bulbs off to a great start and improved growth, plant in Taylors Peat Free Bulb Fibre.

Dahlia Purple Explosion
Lily Lotus Elegance 
Non Stop Begonias

Seed potatoes and veg

Our seed potatoes are ready to buy in either the 2kg bags or the handypacks, ideal for container planting. We have a good variety of 1st and 2nd earlies plus maincrops to suit all tastes and planting conditions. We also have jute potato sacks which are ideal for planting potatoes in to grow on the patio so you can enjoy eating fresh new potatoes all Summer.

We have a range of Onion Sets and Shallots plus different garlic varieties.


We carry a large range of flowering and vegetable seeds all ready for planting now for fabulous flowers throughout the Summer months

This year we have introduced a larger range of wildflowers as they have increased in popularity over the years. As well as planting in larger areas, why not try planting a small area within the flowerbed or lawn or perhaps in pots and containers. Beneficial to wildlife, bees and butterflies love them, they also make a beautiful, natural display of flowers.

Growing Tip – Use Levington Peat Free Seed and Cutting compost to aid germination and maintain plant growth and health.

Bedding plants

Bedding plants are starting to arrive now. The bright colours of primroses, polyanthus, violas and pansies to cheer up the grey garden. More and more will be ready to buy over the next few months giving an enormous choice for you to choose from.

Shrubs, perennials and alpines

Our frequent weekly deliveries of shrubs will begin with a late February delivery of Rhododendrons and Azaleas. We always have a huge selection from our specialist growers in Nottinghamshire who we have been dealing with for 20 years plus and they are of excellent quality. They will be full of bud ready for the huge blooms in April/May.

Growing Tip – Plant in Ericaceous Compost with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food and keep watered to help the flower buds swell and open.

Miracle grow plant food
Pink flowers
miracle grow soil


Perennials will start to show themselves in the pots, and we are expecting to carry an even wider range this year including our own home grown varieties. As the season progresses, we will, be featuring a “New Varieties” section which we are looking forward to. Look out for the Hellebores that have just arrived – Walbertons Ivory Prince and Walbertons Rosemary. We also have 7 varieties of the ever popular Dianthus Cottage Pinks.

Our Alpines have started to arrive with the pretty Saxifrages showing lots of colour and aubretia budding up nicely.

Helleborus W. Ivory Prince
Helleborus W. Ivory Prince
Helleborus W. Rosemary
Dianthus Cottage Doris
Dianthus Cottage Doris


Our rose deliveries have begun and our highly perfumed, David Austin Roses will be arriving towards the end of February. We have secured a large reserve of David Austin roses for the coming months so the choice of varieties should be the best yet.

Growing Tip – Plant in Miracle-Gro Rose Tree and Shrub Compost with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food. For best results, to help prevent and protect against further infestations of mildew, rust, blackspot and fly, spray with either Rose Clear or Growing Success Rose Guard.

Gertrude Jekyll
Golden Celebration
Golden Celebration
The Lady Gardener
The Lady Gardener

Ornamental and fruit trees

We have a great selection of ornamental trees especially flowering cherries, a customer favourite.These are now budding up before they break into the magnificent pink and white flowers which signals that Spring is really here. We have the Robinias – pseudoacacia with its magnificent, bright lime coloured leaves, casque rouge with its panicles of pink flowers, the wonderful amelanchiers, and a range of silver birches to name but a few.



We have a range of nandinas, wonderful evergreen shrubs with fiery red and orange foliage, scarlet berries, and small white flowers in summer.

Ideal in the garden or in containers, these easy to grow shrubs bring colour and interest 12 months a year.



An evergreen shrub with deep reddish-purple leaves and spectacular firework-like bright pink, slightly fragrant flowers. Ideally planted in the garden or in containers, loropetalums provide the deep glossy foliage which really stands out when planted next to silvers and golds. Most purple leaf plants tend to drop their leaves in the winter so the loropetalums are unusual and such a great asset to the garden with the striking dark foliage at this time of year.


Viburnum Tinus

An old favorite, this reliable evergreen shrub will grow happily in any position in the garden. It has red stems and has flowers bright pink in bud, opening to large pinky-white flowers. Reliable and easy to grow, the viburnums are a really joyful sight in the cold of winter.

Prunus Kanzan
Prunus Kanzan
Robinia Casque Rouge
Robinia Casque Rouge

lawn care

It’s a good time to be thinking of improving the quality of the lawn and we have many products to suit most lawn problems, including killing weeds and moss, plus a good selection of feeds to green up the tired after-winter lawn. Try the new Phostrogen Organic Lawn Food which makes the lawn stronger, thicker and greener. It lasts for 100 days and can be used on new or established lawns without fear of scorching. This child and pet friendly lawn food will be a must for a healthy, lush, thicker lawn.

Lawn food
Lawn feed

Peat free and organic ranges

We are pleased to say that we are introducing many more peat free and organic ranges. In our composts, we have a selection of peat free composts – multi purpose, seed and cutting and fruit and veg, plus organic stable manure, top soil and soil conditioner.

In our plant and veg. feeds, we have a large selection of organic products plus a new range of organic plant protection products including Fungus Clear and Rose Clear plus Organic SlugClear which contains natural volcanic lava granules a strong natural barrier that is safe for pets, children and wildlife. 

roses spray
fungus clear

Patio care

To keep your patio, drive and paths looking smart, spray, or water with a watering can, Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller. Spray at the first signs of small weeds – it works by touching the leaves of weeds not the ground. It also contains a residual that helps keep weeds at bay for longer.

Patio Magic is a product we would not be without at the Nursery. Our paths frequently get a build up of green mould and algae making them slippery and unsightly and by gently brushing in Patio Magic and leaving it to dry, the results are amazing. It will continue to work over the following few days and lasts for up to 9 months. For most surfaces, no brushing in is required, just apply and leave to dry. Our paths are very well used and with all the plant residue we find Patio Magic works for us.

patio magic
red breast robin
blue bird

Bird care

It is important to feed the birds now as they are busy preparing their nests for the arrival of the Spring chicks. We have a lovely selection of bird feeders, bird nest boxes, and tables and a wide choice of different types of bird food.

Gardens at Chigwell Nursery

When visiting the nursery you will find a selection of different gardens to inspire and help choose specific plants These gardens include:

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About us

We are a family run garden centre established now for some sixty years plus.  Plants and growing are at the heart of our business and we just want to inspire our customers to enjoy their garden and have quality plants,  growing and flowering beautifully.  Our plants vary in size and price to suit every pocket and we are happy to help customers in their selection.

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